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Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

Well, the trick to writing a blog is getting people to read what you write. But the trick to that is to tell them where to read it, and to give them something to read. So! Here we are again, after literally years offline.

Tonight on Spiral begins today on Spiral... in about an hour, actually.

I am hijacking the RadioSpiral stream ( for four hours for a mixture of live and prerecorded music, starting at 7/6/5/4 PM E/C/M/PT. You can find me here at the Riverside Cafe in Second Life, but listen on the station, of course:

For the first hour, I will be performing live in Second Life as my avatar Spiral Sands. Then, once I go off the air at Riverside, the show's not over. I will play either a live ambient drone or some prerecorded music while I clean up my set and teleport back to RadioSpiral's HQ:

Gypsy and my Steampunk Rig at RadioSpiral HQ

Because people will be coming in thick and fast, I won't set up in the skybox today; my rig will be rezzed in the park where people teleport into our parcel. Feel free to come by, sit, stroll, and chat as I play.

I will alternate between prerecorded music and live stuff until it's time for my second full set, which will start at or around 9/8/7/6 PM, and I'll call it quits at the end of that hour.

As usual, if you're not in Second Life, you can hear the whole set, fumbling and transfers and all, at and join us in Slack chat in the usual way.

Tonight will be a farewell of sorts to the compositional/performance rig I have been using for the past several months... my "reliable old standby" rig that I could turn on and instantly use without a lot of prior preparation. Starting tomorrow, I will begin the development process for what I am referring to as... well, that would be telling.

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