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mind4Spiral - the mystery that is mind4Spiral

Mike Metlay has been very quiet about mind4Spiral up until now, but enough progress has been made on this most enigmatic of Spirals that an official announcement can now be made. This project will not be a live effort, but will result in one or more long-form pieces that will be made available on the web as downloadable low-rez files, with the possibility of a CD release not entirely ruled out.


The methodology and personnel of mind4Spiral are (to put it politely) less robust under public scrutiny than the other Spirals, so Mike will be keeping most other details quiet until the music itself is done. While the number 4 was staked out as the project began right after the lineup for mindSpiral was chosen, it is very likely that this project will still take months or years to complete… but we believe it’ll be worth the wait.

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