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mind8Spiral - infinity sideways

April 2009 saw the birth of yet another Spiral project: mind8Spiral, a trio with Mike Metlay being joined by Darrell Burgan (a.k.a. Palancar) and David “DK” Herpich (a.k.a. Emerald Adrift).

On Saturday, April 11, as part of the combined events schedule for Colorado Astronomy Day and Yuri’s Night (the worldwide celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight on April 12, 1961) at the Fiske Planetarium at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the trio played a live concert with laser sky show that was very well received. In addition, as part of the rehearsal process for the show, 

Mike went online with Darrell and David and played three hour-long improvisational concerts, two on on April 7 and 10, and then on April 12, a live show in the virtual world of Second Life, in their virtual avatar identities of Spiral Sands, Professor Blackmountain, and Hiraku Stenvaag.

Some Spirals click more quickly than others; the end result of this week of hard work was enough music for not one or two but three albums! The music from the three online concerts has already been culled through, edited, and mastered. Late in 2009, the first of these was available as a free download on the Earth Mantra netlabel.

It’s entitled Curiosa Positronica and it’s received great press so far. The second free download album, Triangulum, was mastered in March 2010 and released later that spring to an enthusiastic response.

The music composed for the live concert at the Fiske might someday be released on Atomic City. We’re not sure what the CD will be called, but it will have an “8” in the title….

The View from Down Here

Darrell and DK have since released an album as Flute Of The Fallen Tiger; Darrell and Mike have released an album as Labrathisattva: The View From Down Here; and DK and Mike are considering a dual project for some time in the future.

The trio enjoyed its work together so much that it plans to continue working after the three albums from 2009 are released, under the tentative group name Infinity Sideways. (Think about it.)

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