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The Return of EEK!

The Return of EEK! (a crazy quilt of improvised electronica) March 10 2017 at 7PM, La Vita Bella Coffee, 475 Main St, Longmont CO

Among the various music projects I participate in or coordinate, EEK! (the Eclectic Electric Kollective) is the weirdest. Unlike mindSpiral, whose recording sessions and/or concerts are usually preplanned and rehearsed, EEK! stuff just kinda... happens.

EEK! pickup groups have performed in Second Life at multiple concert events over the years, and have popped up at various venues in the so-called Real World whose audiences have been eager to hear something a bit different. Participants have always been encouraged to travel light, with open ears, and be ready for anything, because anything can happen, and usually does.

I had been planning an EEK! event for early March at my favorite local venue for ambient music performance, La Vita Bella in Longmont ( However, because of a recent change in ownership at La Vita Bella, there were some communication breakdowns and I was only able to confirm the date yesterday. But the new owner is an awesome guy who's a big fan and attendee of previous metlay!, mindSpiral, and EEK! concerts at LVB... and with some effort, I was able to get him the material he needed to publicize the concert on Facebook, if not yet be able to add it to his own website's calendar.

So -- it's on. With very few days' notice, but it's on.

EEK! will take the (non-)stage at La Vita Bella (475 Main St, SW corner of 5th and Main in Longmont CO) at 7 PM this Friday night, March 10. I have absolutely no idea at this time who will be joining me; tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup, and I will be canvassing for folks then. There could be a ton of folks... there could be none. Such is life.

This event will not be streamed on RadioSpiral; because the old stage and sound system have been dismantled in favor of a new setup (bands set up in a different place and the venue's ambient soundsystem is used for audio rather than the old blastingly loud PA), I need to do at least one show there and get the lay of the land before I attempt to stream on top of everything else.

That being said, I do ask anyone who's local to come up to La Vita Bella and cheer on whomever can show up and join me on stage. It will be a very small and intimate gathering, and if the short notice means I am playing alone to a handful of friends, that's absolutely fine... but a bigger crowd would be incredibly welcome. The coffee and baked goods are phenomenal, the staff is great, and the venue is beautiful and inspiring.

I hope to see you there, whether to listen (just show up) or play (email me first, though!).


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