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mind6Spiral - the redundancy of suicide, no less

Mike Metlay and Tim Walters got together on August 18, 2008, and did a live show for the StillStream ambient Internet Radio station. During that show, Tim controlled a Mac laptop running the Supercollider computer language; he had designed a generative program that created evolving and self-aware musical textures, and his interaction with them was limited to controlling which of the eight possible musical organisms was turned on, and how loud they were. Mike, meanwhile, ran around like a madman controlling various analog and digital sound sources in real time, turning knobs, pushing buttons, and tripping over cables.

With minimal editing and cleanup by Tim, the set was released on the lovely Dutch netlabel Just Not Normal, home of all manner of noises both icky and groovulescent.

You can download the album here, from the Just Not Normal website. Have fun!

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