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mind10Spiral - pedal to the... hardwood?

In 2011, Allen Goodman and Har lived a continent apart, in Phoenix and Philadelphia. These two ambient-music guitar godlings had been friends for many years and were looking for an excuse to get together and make music, and with another planetarium gig coming up, I felt I had the perfect group.

Well, the best laid plans… Allen was all ready to leave when his employer informed him he couldn’t be spared for the weekend of rehearsals and performances, and Har was already on his way.

Fortunately, Darwin Grosse was on hand to fill the gap. He and Har clicked very well, and the result was a performance that the audience found delightful.


Har’s floor full of effects pedals became the subject of an article in Recording, and were the source of the only technical glitch of the night (aside from yet another snowstorm!)—they sat perfectly still on the carpet at home, but slid all over the place on the Fiske stage’s hardwood floor. Live and learn!

With Allen now living here in Colorado, we have high hopes for Har to come visit us some day and complete the original plan for our trio.

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