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mind7Spiral - winterthoughts

Giles Reaves often makes it a point to stop at our house on his long road between his two main places of work, Nashville and Salt Lake City.


My wife and daughters love Giles (not something I can say about every musician who’s ever slept on our couch), and he and I can happily sit up and talk about everything and nothing until the wee hours if that’s all we’re in the mood for.

But every once in a while, Giles is of a mood to make noise with me, and with live radio close at hand with a ready audience, a jam session in the basement can quickly turn into an impromptu concert. On two separate occasions during two separate winters, Giles and I recorded a total of three long improvisations I called “winterthoughts.”

They’ve been recorded and played on StillStream a few times, but at some point Giles and I have to decide if there’s an album in there somewhere. I think there is, but it’ll take a fair bit of carving and maybe the addition of some new material. Watch this space…

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