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mind2Spiral - it's come 2 this

The second mindSpiral concert took place at the Fiske in early April 2006.


The band for this concert was mind2Spiral (from left to right):

Nick Rothwell – London, UK – computers, DSP engine, gestural controllers
Paul Vnuk Jr. – Milwaukee, WI – keyboards, loopers, theremin
Mike Metlay – Boulder, CO – modeling synth and virtual Mellotron
Greg Waltzer – eastern PA – virtual modular synths and pad sequencer


The show went very well despite a small audience, and a CD called it’s come 2 this is now available for sale at CD Baby.

set 1


broken china
lonely asteroid
the screaming reds
fleeing ibiza
a classic case
bluebells on saturn

it’s come 2 this

dusty bin - mindSpiral
00:00 / 00:00

set 2


the magnitude of the crisis
hydrochloric acid
dusty bin
glockengeräte (the clock device)


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