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mind1Spiral - the 1 is silent

April 2 and 3, 2005


The first ‘true’ mindSpiral concert was a pair of shows at the Fiske in early April 2005.


  • Giles Reaves – Nashville, TN – keyboards, computers, and sequencers

  • Mike Metlay – Boulder, CO – keyboards, reverb textures, vocals

  • Darwin Grosse – Golden, CO – hardware and software rhythms

  • John DuVal – Portland, OR – guitar and loopers, Fist Of God (a huge Serge Modular synth)

The shows were received rapturously and were eventually turned into an album: the 1 is silent, now available on CD Baby, contains an edited set list with the best of the performances. (The album’s webpage also has more data about mindSpiral itself.)

No track replacements or overdubs were made; the album contains songs that were not harmed beyond repair by mistakes during the live performance, in their entirety, unedited.

Set list:


set 1


fist of god 1/bigfoot

fist of god 2


purple fuzzy monkeys taking over the moon

we alone


fist of god 3/calling tokyo

fist of god 4


set 2



the snowflake and the star

lisa 2k5

squid cinema

a moment’s pause before the end


We Alone - mindSpiral
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