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As is the case with any musician who’s been decently prolific for a few decades, I have a lot of material out there in a lot of places, and some of it would be very hard to find, assuming I wanted anyone to hear it. But here’s a pretty decent survey of what’s still out there and available. You can find details of all of it in the sub-pages, conveniently grouped under Available for Sale and Available for Free.


My first "label" was for self-released cassettes; these included my first album, The Analog Archives, and a variety of EPs that mixed material from that release with one-off compositions, most of which have been lost to history.

Atomic City

The Atomic City imprint existed first as an actual record label, releasing CDs, one cassette, and one DVD, by a variety of artists. After posting stupendous monetary losses, the label went out of business in 1997, but the imprint remained as a convenient way of labeling short-run releases from my studios.  


All official Atomic City releases were odd-numbered; even numbers were reserved for archived and unreleased material that I called the Silent Volumes. I don't believe that every noise that comes out of my studio is automatically genius, and this catalog system forced me to cull and release only material that met certain quality standards. As a result, much of it holds up beautifully today, and I'm proud to still offer it for sale in physical and download form.  

Earth Mantra and earthMANTRA

Darrell Burgan's Earth Mantra netlabel released a catalog of nearly 200 excellent albums of ambient music ranging from the lovely to the harsh over a period of several years. Thanks to the generous terms of a Creative Commons license, these recordings were and are free to all, and thanks to the Internet Archive at, they remain available and easily accessible.


I was fortunate to have many releases on Earth Mantra in its heyday, and have some of my new works in the pipeline for the revived earthMANTRA imprint. These will include solo and group works, most of them recorded live and edited into releasable form after the fact; beautiful, but not with the polish of a commercial release.

Just Not Normal

Mark Stolk's Just Not Normal netlabel had a huge catalog of harsh, demanding releases of experimental and noise music. It made a great home for the stuff at the outer fringes of my creative space, material that would cause other netlabels to cower in horror. I miss the label terribly, but fortunately the Internet Archive has preserved my two releases, shriek.void and The Redundancy of Suicide, in Creative Commons form.

Aural Films

Aural Films is a prolific net label offering soundtracks for movies in your head. Its catalog prides itself on its eclecticism and overall quality, and I'm thrilled to be on its roster of artists. My most recent solo album, fade, can be purchased as a CD or download from the Aural Films catalog site on Bandcamp.

Other Releases

My tracks appear on a variety of compilation cassettes and CDs from the 1980s and 1990s; an exhaustive list of them all will probably fill a rainy day for me someday... but not yet. 

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