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You Have to Have a Plan...

…even if you know it won’t survive long enough to tell people about it.

As I prepare to wrap up another issue of Recording, I am looking at a bunch of personal/musical items in flux right now, which I must remember to bring to your attention as they come to fruition. Between them they represent most if not all of my musical endeavors for the rest of 2014, not including my weekly Sunday night shows on StillStream and possible gigs in Second Life…

I have two albums in the pipeline right now. In addition to on little cat feet, my contribution to the Aural Filmsnetlabel’s Fog Music series that will drop in December… dear heavens, did I just say “that will drop” on my own blog? Gah!… I am currently looking at a release on the revitalized earthMANTRA netlabel, a sequel to one of my more popular albums with details to come.

My next live show will be another gig at La Vita Bella on Saturday, September 20, for the last ArtWalk of the summer; I will probably be playing solo, but may have a surprise or two up my sleeve if circumstances favor it.

I am preparing to explore a new way to do online-assisted music collaboration, from a service called JamKazam. I have friends already exploring it (some of whom are there because I asked them to join me and who are now waiting on me to catch up!), and hope to get there myself soon. In the meantime, there are rumblings of a new NINJAM server being built (to replace the old one run by Darrell Burgan that’s now offline), which could result in a number of cool new releases down the line….

Last but not least, watch this blog for upcoming announcements concerning, of all things, the Different Skies concert series.

Busy busy busy…!


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