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The Axman Returns to Second Life!

Locksmith Antonelli Visits

Yes, I am truly a nag of epic ability! I managed to get our very own Allen Goodman – the Axeman himself – back ontoSecond Life to visit. Is it worth a post? Are you kidding me? This guy can shred* like you wouldn’t believe and he’s here right now, as I write this, chilling on the chairs in Atomic City HQ and shooting the breeze with me while we listen toStillstream. He currently goes by the name of Locksmith Antonelli, so drop him an IM if you want to chat. Having him back in Second Life, no matter how briefly, is an honour and a delight.

Are you on Second Life and into electronic/ambient music? Then what are you waiting for, hit us up and join us! Good times, good company…

This is us right now!

Gypsy Witch

*I heard the word once and liked it.

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