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The Triumphant Return of Ambitar!

For those of you familiar with Mike’s peers, Allen Goodman (aka AZ the Arizona Axeman aka AZ the Colorado Axeman) will be on your list of “fab guitarists and all-round nice guys”. If you’re lucky, he’ll also be on your wish list of “DJs I want to return to the airwaves”. Lucky? Yes, indeed – because Ambitar Radio, Allen’s own show, came back toStillstream radio tonight and was, unsurprisingly, a resounding success.

Choosing a brand new opening to kick off the show in a decently dramatic fashion (still hoping that the Japanese Sex Dwarves will make an appearance), we were treated to some fantastic Altus tracks and some from Allen himself. Absolutely gorgeous stuff that was very well received indeed by all in the chat room.

As for the chat room – what a blast! It was upbeat, funny and had a great collection of people. Allen was certainly on form and drew a decent crowd, but it’s hard to keep a good man down… or keep people away from a Goodman.

Welcome back, Allen, from Mike and myself – looking forward to catching your show as often as I can.

You can listen to Ambitar Radio and Allen himself on Tuesday nights at 8pm Central, 6pm PDT and 7pm Mountain. Join us in the chat room for great company while you listen to great music. Watch out for live kerchunkages* soon!

Gypsy Witch

*Allen’s live improv.

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