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Coming Soon... "on little cat feet"

I am pleased to announce that I’ve been slated to appear in the ongoing series of Fog Music releases from netlabelAural Films. These releases number eight so far and have been scheduled ahead through the rest of 2014 and into 2015, to eventually total 24 hours of music in all. To quote the Aural Films site:

“Aural Films presents “Fog Music.” A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy.”

I would like to thank Jack Hertz of Aural Films for giving me the jolt I needed to commit to this project — namely by giving me a firm number in the catalog and a firm release date! You can look for my volume, Fog Music 27, in late December of this year, and I’ll of course provide you with updates as the project comes to fruition.

While plans could change, my current intent is to create a single longform track between 45 and 60 minutes in length, roughly like metric or eocene, in keeping with the theme of the series. The title, “on little cat feet”, is a line from the famous 1916 poem “Fog” by Carl Sandburg (an “American Hoku”, as he called it, that you can read in its entirety here.)

As I commented to Jack, I hope that by the time I get this piece out the door, I will still have something to say that won’t already have been said 26 times before. But I admit that’s unlikely; the eight Fog Music releases out there as of now are wonderfully diverse, and while a few of them contain elements that I might think of including in my work, none of them has me saying, “Dang! Back to the drawing board.” They’re available for free listening and download, although the website does encourage contributions.

Check them out and stay tuned as more releases come out regularly; this is an amazing series that already features fantastic artists like Cousin Silas, EugeneKha, Carbon111, Mister Vapor (a.k.a. Mystified), and my StillStream colleague Scott Lawlor. It ranges from merely gorgeous to simply stunning, and I’m honored to be a part of it.


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