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Worlds Collide at Atomic City HQ

Sunday 6th July was Spiral’s second week with Stillstream at a new, earlier slot. The reason for moving his usual time was primarily to ensure that his show didn’t clash with his good RL and SL friend Cypress Rosewood, otherwise known as Tony Gerber in the real world. An accomplished and popular performer, Cypress has his show in Second Life just after Spiral’s now, whereas before they ran through each other.

As with all weekends, this Sunday was busy for both Spiral and I. In fact, busy enough for me to be between worlds and screens as the very first of our inworld guests turned up. They didn’t stop coming, either! We had a fantastic turnout of people – many of them Spiral’s peers – both inworld and out. It is great for anyone opening their land to the public to see lots of little green dots on the Second Life map! Amongst the listeners inworld were Allen Goodman and Joe McMahon as well as Cypress himself. As you’ll see from the picture, Spiral’s music attracts all species!

As for the real world, it was an absolute delight to listen to the music of the featured artists (SSI: Sonic Solutions Inc) and then have one of the brothers (John Goff) come visit theStillstream chat room. It was also really fun to have people chatting in Second Life and Stillstream at the same time- a shout out to the pretty pink fairy Telitha Merlin and new listener Rananadar!

It’s great to hear live improvisation, too, and Spiral went all out to fit in one of his “rants” (as he calls them) before the end of the show. Very well received and a delight to listen to; a great taster for what you may get to hear when he performs live inworld.

After Spiral’s Stillstream show finished, a few of us teleported over to the Spindrift SIM to hear Cypress Rosewood play. The concert venue is very space-age and a great place to chill and watch live music and Cypress doesn’t disappoint. A truly lovely way to round off the night in such delightful surroundings. So now, ambient music fans, if you’re in Second Life you can now get three solid hours of fantastic music on a Sunday night, and if your’e not, you can still join the chat room at Stillstream and listen to Spiral’s show.

Spiral is on at 8pm Central (6pm SLT) and you can find him inworld here:

and listen inworld or at Stillstream.

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