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Multi-World Music

Yesterday was Atomic City HQ’s opening, coinciding with a real life performance by Mr Spiral at the Otterbox Ditigal Dome Theater in Fort Collins, Colorado.

It’s an exciting concept, being able to listen to live music while interacting with people all over the real world in a virtual world. I think that those people who’ve never experienced something like Second Life might find it hard to see what the attraction is, but it really is like attending a concert and having the fun of being able to discuss the performance, hang out and basically share the experience with others – despite living oceans apart from them.

Mr Spiral’s performance was wonderful, and I particularly enjoyed his interaction with the audience before he performed his pieces, it’s great to get people to engage with what you’re doing and Mr Spiral is a master at it. One particularly fun piece he performed had a riff that has become a personal earworm, interspersed with samples from “The Trololo Man“!

Those in Atomic City had a great time and it was nice to link up with Stillstream’s chat room and interact there, too. Hard on the fingers with all that typing, but great to speak to all the people that came together to cheer Mr Spiral back! Don’t miss his first Second Life performance for some years at the Second Life 11th Birthday event – details to come soon but put 10am on 28th June in your diary NOW!

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