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Pink Pearl Portable!

As some of you know, my old studio was a horridly ugly and bad-sounding room with no space for collaborators to join me. It was a tiny, enclosed womb, if a womb was dirty and dark and uninspiring. I called it Subterranean Scumbarge Studios for obvious reasons.

Late last year, I cleaned up the room, changed the monitoring system, got rid of a LOT of equipment and stripped it down to the bare essentials, and renamed it Pink Pearl. One of the biggest challenges, though, was building a live performance rig that could easily and seamlessly be removed from the main studio without causing any major grief.

And so I have. Here’s Pink Pearl Portable, the rig I’ll be bringing with me to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery tomorrow night at 7 PM for a concert in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater. I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, you can still listen to the concert on Stillstream.

Oh, and by the way—Gypsy will be in Second Life at Atomic City HQ listening to my concert on the live streaming feed, so if you’re in SL and want to meet other fans and visit with them while enjoying the concert, please drop by for a chat and a free mindSpiral T-Shirt!


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