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Space music with a smile

Hello, and welcome to my website!

This is the online home of yours truly, Dr. Mike Metlay: Editor of RECORDING Magazine, nuclear physicist, writer, collector of random techno-ephemera, explorer of virtual worlds... and of most interest to my visitors, musician of the ambient / space / electronic / experimental sort.


For over 30 years, my music has appeared in dozens of recordings and musical collaboration projects all over the world, in real and virtual space... and it all comes together here.


On this site, you can:


  • purchase many of my recordings (and audition some for free)

  • contact me with questions or requests via the Contact page

  • catch up on my blog and see where I'm going to be next

  • read and explore the history of all things Metlay in more depth.

  • learn about past and present side projects like: Team Metlay, Different Skies, mindSpiral, Labrathisattva/Zen Rat, Ozma,  and EEK!

  • download free Creative Commons releases

  • learn about my musical presence in the virtual world of Second Life

  • or just listen to my ramblings on everything and nothing in particular...


One important note: I have not released the music of outside artists since the Atomic City record label effectively folded in 1997. Feel free to send me your music if you wish; I'd love to learn more about you. But I'm in no position to release or distribute your music and make you rich and famous, sorry.


Enjoy the site, enjoy my music and my musings, and let me know your thoughts!


Dr. Mike / Mr. Spiral

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